Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lake Shore Limited: It's About the Journey

I don't officially have a bucket list.  But I've always had a list of things I want to do during my life.  They're not all big things or even things that would be very appealing to other people.  They're just things that have captured my attention.  Today I am happy to report that I can cross train travel off my list.

I recently traveled from Cleveland to New York City via Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited.  When I found it necessary to travel to NY for pleasurable business I chose to go by way of the rails.  Yes, it took longer.   But I knew once the decision was made that it would be about the journey for me.  The travel was the trip. It was simple, if I was going to travel by train I would enjoy every moment.  And I did.  Even the moments when we sat at a stand still on the tracks outside of Buffalo because of frozen switches and even in hour 10 of a 12 hour trip.  And when our train car became ripe with travel funk and people blended together in to a pile of humanity.  I enjoyed it.  No, really, I loved it.

I chose to document the trip by taking photos from my seat and sharing small moments along the way with my Facebook friends.  I brought them along and to my amazement they gladly came aboard.  In fact many expressed the same desire to ride the train one day.  Previously I had met with the negatives about train travel from people.  Several looked at me with cocked heads and quizzical brows. Why?  Why would you do that?  But I was pleasantly surprised that others harbored the same romantic dream to hear the distant whistle and feel the bump and sway of the train tracks under their feet.  Maybe my desire wasn't so solitary after all.

So, on I went.  This collection of pictures represents in 3 parts, the journey only,  traveling to NYC, Penn Station (NY), and the trip home to Cleveland.  You will not find the "in between" here.  That may come later but for now this is my travelogue of my train trip on the Lake Shore Limited.

To see the entire photo gallery and Facebook commentary go to: Elisa on the Lake Shore Limited

Part I: Traveling to New York's Penn Station on the Lake Shore Limited.
(All photos taken and edited on my iPhone 4.)

Part II: Penn Station New York, NY
(All photos taken and edited on my iPhone 4.)

Part III: Traveling to Cleveland on the Lake Shore Limited.
(All photos taken and edited on my DSLR.)


  1. Elisa....Wow! I don't know what else to say but absolutely amazing photography!!!!!! What an EYE and what a GIFT you possess!! Love it!

  2. Love this, Elisa! I too, enjoyed your trip on FB. You captured the right moments for us to get the feel of your trip. Maybe you the next adventure will be a book?

  3. I cannot decide which one is my favorite, but... I will tell you that I'm inspired to not talk but do a train trip. My next journey to the east coast will be the train from Pittsburgh to Philly. I cannot wait.

  4. Kim, I'm so excited for you! You will love it!!