Sunday, February 27, 2011

Purple Reign

It was a breath (and a whiff) of fresh air yesterday at the Cleveland Botanical Garden's Annual Orchid show, Purple Reign.  It's the perfect place to get warm and reminisce about spring, if you're into that kind of thing.  It's a mecca for local photographers of all interest and skill levels.  I'm sure there will be an abundance of eye candy from this flashy show everywhere.   Keep an eye out.

Orchids make a photographers job easy, if it's not a good picture, it's the photographers fault.  Period. Being gorgeous is their job and they excel at it.  The only thing that can compliment their beauty is their aroma.  They scoff at dainty, flowery scents and go directly to the more earthy base notes, vanilla, citrus, musk, honey, nutmeg (?), wood, all warm and chunky.  At times enveloping and overpowering.  And some, despite how they lure you with their showiness, begrudgingly give you nothing regardless how deeply you stick your nose into their centers.   A typical queen, opulent and proud but remaining elusive and haughty.  Just when you think you have her figured out she gives you that fake royal wave and brushes you off.  Move along, buddy.

The light is filtered and glorious, the colors riotous, and the overall atmosphere is expectant.  Go.  Be amazed.

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Orangery: "The name reflects the original use of the building as a place where citrus trees were often wintered in tubs under cover, surviving through harsh frosts though not expected to flower and fruit. The orangery provided a luxurious extension of the normal range and season of woody plants, extending the protection which had long been afforded by the warmth offered from a brick fruit wall. A century after the use for orange and lime trees had been established, other varieties of tender plants, shrubs and exotic plants also came to be housed in the orangery, which often gained a stove for the upkeep of these delicate plants in the cold winters of northern Europe."  -

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We've been covered in ice around here for a few days.  It's been a spectacular sight, especially in the morning sunlight.  Here are some shots from around the neighborhood. They are taken at a variety of times of day, in a variety of types of light.  Ice castles everywhere.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All In The Name of Wine

For a few suspended hours I felt like I was on vacation.  Was it Italy?  France?  Actually it was just down the street from my house. This is the American Wine School's Cellar Door tasting room.  Sure they have wine and you can actually learn a lot about wine there, but it doesn't feel anything like school.  This night was about great conversation, music and spontaneous dancing.  All in the name of wine.  

More about the Cellar Door: Wine
And to see more photos of the evening: Cellar Door

The incredibly talented Rolando Pizana (my friend)
see him at the Cellar Door most 3rd Saturdays

Wine School founder and president, Marianne Frantz
(and ukulele player extraordinaire)  

Photo by Rolando Pizana

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Long Way Home

I'm not crazy about my current commute.  For years, before this job, I worked out of my home a good deal of the time.   And as we know, sometimes you have to lose something before you truly appreciate it.   On the bright side, if I still worked from home I wouldn't have taken the long way home last night.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Near Immediacy

Last nights monthly art walk in Tremont seemed just a bit short on interesting local artwork but, to be fair, it was so cold we didn't venture off the beaten path too far.  Perhaps it was out there, somewhere, waiting to be found.  And then again, maybe it wasn't.   Either way it was a fun and frigid night.

The stand out of the evening was the 1Hundred Impossible Portraits event at Aperture.  Aperture considers themselves "... a true Photography and variety store.  But not that of the digital world. Analog is King here. Film lives here. Old is new."  The intention of the event was to celebrate the polaroid portrait by photographing 100 "Cleveland folk".   Local photographer Timothy Logan created 100 (or more?) charming photo moments with Impossible's Color Shade instant film and an original Polaroid SX-70.   Mix in eclectic banjo and ukulele music and you have the recipe for a great event at a great place on a wicked cold Ohio night.  Just when you didn't think it could happen.

And it's true, everything old is new again.

For more about Aperture:
For more about Timothy:

I used my vintage iPhone 4 to capture a few moments with my friends.  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New York City: It's About the Destination

I'll close this series of posts on my NY trip with a few shots taken while I was just out and about.  They are mostly from Times Square, the Flatiron District and Chelsea.   You can feel the life and electricity (literally and figuratively) grabbing you by the collar and shaking you alive.  It's an extraordinary place.  I'm grateful I had time to just walk and take it in.  A few photos can never do it justice but hopefully you'll get a sense of my time there.   Thanks for following along.

You can see my entire NY set by clicking here: NYC 2011