Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All In The Name of Wine

For a few suspended hours I felt like I was on vacation.  Was it Italy?  France?  Actually it was just down the street from my house. This is the American Wine School's Cellar Door tasting room.  Sure they have wine and you can actually learn a lot about wine there, but it doesn't feel anything like school.  This night was about great conversation, music and spontaneous dancing.  All in the name of wine.  

More about the Cellar Door: Wine
And to see more photos of the evening: Cellar Door

The incredibly talented Rolando Pizana (my friend)
see him at the Cellar Door most 3rd Saturdays

Wine School founder and president, Marianne Frantz
(and ukulele player extraordinaire)  

Photo by Rolando Pizana

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