Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm not a foodie.  I'm just Italian.  Where I come from food is communication and emotional currency.  Food is love.  When my Grandfather made me my personal little girl sized loaf of bread every morning, he ruined me.  The thought of food simply being fuel is blasphemy.  It's our soul and the thing that roots us to our place on this earth.  See?  Ruined. 

A year ago I completely transformed the way I eat.  I no longer eat meat or dairy products.  I choose to eat a whole food, plant based diet.  It's been really hard at times.  But I do it because I feel, no, I know it's healthier for me.  And I will do my best to stay this course for the rest my life.  I will never execute it perfectly.  Perfectionism isn't my style.  I am human and I am Italian.  And I will always think fondly of all the food I've left behind.  It's like missing old friends.  It's like the echo of my Grandfather's voice as he hands me my mini loaf of love, "Buon giorno, Lisa."   

One of the highlights of my visit to NYC was visiting Eataly, an absolute feast for the senses!  I didn't eat there (see above) but I had an incredible cappuccino (soy) and let my eyes and nose do the feasting.  What a gorgeous place.  Well worth a visit.  

Eataly: New York, New York

"Eataly, the largest artisanal Italian food and wine marketplace in the world, is finally here in New York. Two years after Oscar Farinetti opened his groundbreaking food and wine market in Turin, Italy, he has teamed up with Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich, and Lidia Matticchio Bastianich of Batali-Bastianich (B&B) Hospitality Group to transform a 50,000 square - foot space in the Flatiron District into New York City’s premier culinary mecca.

The marketplace located at 200 Fifth Avenue (the former Toy Building) is the city's ultimate destination for food lovers to shop and taste and savor – an extravaganza includes a premier retail center for Italian delicacies and wine, a culinary educational center, and a diverse slate of boutique eateries. This gourmand's delight features cured meats and cheeses, fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, fresh fish, handmade pasta, desserts and baked goods and coffees."  

"Buon giorno, Grandpa."


  1. How in the world did you not eat there with all the sights and smells? You are a stronger person than I am! Delicious!

  2. Elisa, I need to go to this place! And then I need to see how you could not eat a single thing in there. Next time I'm in NYC, I'm going to find the Eataly! Beautiful photos and commentary. You were born to be a blogger, Margaret Horak

  3. I think the key to not eating there was going early in the morning when they were just opening and before they started cooking! LOL. I'm sure I could've found many things to eat there that fall into my eating plan, I just had a bunch of things on my list that day and wanted to keep moving. And interestingly enough even though I miss those foods I no longer crave them. My attachment is completely emotional.

    Margaret, you MUST go visit! You will love it and appreciate it like no one else! Enjoy!