Saturday, February 12, 2011

Near Immediacy

Last nights monthly art walk in Tremont seemed just a bit short on interesting local artwork but, to be fair, it was so cold we didn't venture off the beaten path too far.  Perhaps it was out there, somewhere, waiting to be found.  And then again, maybe it wasn't.   Either way it was a fun and frigid night.

The stand out of the evening was the 1Hundred Impossible Portraits event at Aperture.  Aperture considers themselves "... a true Photography and variety store.  But not that of the digital world. Analog is King here. Film lives here. Old is new."  The intention of the event was to celebrate the polaroid portrait by photographing 100 "Cleveland folk".   Local photographer Timothy Logan created 100 (or more?) charming photo moments with Impossible's Color Shade instant film and an original Polaroid SX-70.   Mix in eclectic banjo and ukulele music and you have the recipe for a great event at a great place on a wicked cold Ohio night.  Just when you didn't think it could happen.

And it's true, everything old is new again.

For more about Aperture:
For more about Timothy:

I used my vintage iPhone 4 to capture a few moments with my friends.  

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  1. You live such an exciting lifE I'm about ready (finally) for mine to start!! See You????? Someday???? K~