Thursday, February 10, 2011

New York City: It's About the Destination

I'll close this series of posts on my NY trip with a few shots taken while I was just out and about.  They are mostly from Times Square, the Flatiron District and Chelsea.   You can feel the life and electricity (literally and figuratively) grabbing you by the collar and shaking you alive.  It's an extraordinary place.  I'm grateful I had time to just walk and take it in.  A few photos can never do it justice but hopefully you'll get a sense of my time there.   Thanks for following along.

You can see my entire NY set by clicking here: NYC 2011

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  1. Elisa - I just LOVED this entire series. I've never been to New York... but through your photos I have experienced the city. You've really made me want to get to visit there someday myself!