Saturday, February 5, 2011

Plaid and the City

"Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy." ~ Albert Einstein
In the mid eighties I owned and wore vintage tuxedo tails.  I remember a particular roller skating costume  party (it was the 80s! Duh!) where I added tights, a leotard, bow tie, bunny tail and bunny ears and called it Playboy Bunny.   I'm pretty sure no one else called it that but I thought I was golden.  Any excuse to wear that jacket.   It was probably around that time that I realize my full-on fascination with mens clothing.   I wore the enormous companion tuxedo shirt to bed for years until it nearly disintegrated in my hands.  Later came old fedoras, cufflinks, my pin-up 40s tie, gingham Ralph Lauren button down shirts, work boots, boyfriend jeans, and even mens cologne.

It wasn't about being masculine.  In fact, I most appreciate menswear for women when it is counter balanced with a very feminine attitude and esthetic.  I think I just admire the simplicity of lines, edited choices, and fine tailoring.  I love structure in clothing as I do in architecture.  Build it solidly with fine craftsmanship and add small details to make it unique.  Put the emphasis on quality and, with a little flair, you have elegance.   I just have a lifelong quest for straight lines and symmetry and I see that in well made menswear.

So, imagine my thrill when my dear friend invited me to come to NYC to help him get ready for the MRKET Vanguard Menswear show.   His family's company makes, among other things,  a gorgeous fashion glove line.  They have been in the glove making business since the late 1800s based in Gloversville, NY (naturally!) which is the sister city to my home town, Johnstown.  To read more about the company and see some of their wares go to:  Hilts-Willard

Needless to say my head was on swivel at the show.  I greedily took in every detail.  So much to see.  So many buttons and seams to admire.  So many cuffs and shiny shoes to fondle.  And plaids.  Everywhere.

They are a bit sensitive about unofficial photographers at the show 
so all the photos were taken with my trusty and inconspicuous iPhone 4.  




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  2. I suddenly want a tailored plaid jacket.