Monday, March 7, 2011

Akron: Impossible Realities

I love Akron, OH.  I do!  I think my true fascination with Akron started with the grandiose Akron Civic Theater. She was built to be gaudy when gaudy was great.  She's a jewel box on steroids.  She's a honey.  She's, well, she's indescribable really. 

More recently I am drawn to the Akron Art Museum, equally as outlandish and bold but of a different time. When you're in the museum it's as if the entire outside world is framed by it's windows.  

We saw the MC Escher exhibit which was very fun.  I never knew he was so prolific and worked in color as much as he did.  Not COLOR!  But, color.  I also really enjoyed the photographs of Herman Leonard.   His images really captured Jazz in the 1950s, not just historically, but romantically too.  And cool, man.  Cool. 

Photography is not allowed in the galleries so I took a few shots around the building.  To me she is a rust belt jewel box.

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