Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Friend of the Chorus (FOC)

For years I've benefited from having a very dear friend in the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus.  He knows who he is. Not only has he opened the door for me into a world of classical music by one the world's premier orchestras (and choruses), he has introduced me to others in the chorus who will remain my friends forever.  On both counts I will be forever grateful. 

Last night was a free evening of an open rehearsal with the Orchestra and Chorus.  We watched as Franz Welser-Most put this amazing group of musicians through their paces.  Incredible music and fascinating insight into the process of making world class music.  

I'm no music critic, in fact be assured I know nothing about classical music, but this stuff will make you weep and then want to slay a dragon.  You can't help but be moved in some way.   

And the cherry on the top of all this beautiful music and friendship is being in the presence of this lovely Music Hall.  Whenever I come here I can't take my eyes off her.  Here are a few shots (photos not allowed during rehearsals or performances).

If you get a chance get to the concert this week.

All photos shot and edited on the iPhone 4.

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  1. you're so sneaky, who knew you were snapping pics! great shot of the basses at rest... they did get quite a workout.