Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Angels On High

A place reborn, where bright mysteries beckon from quiet corners of spirit and time, where fine columns; each crowned by a watching angel, rise like great trees--friends talk gently there, as if walking together deep in the woods..... -Douglas Max Utter: Artist, Writer.

There's this place. An amazing place.  A place where the building speaks to you.  It welcomes you and smiles down upon you.  And they filled it with beautiful artwork and invited us to stay a awhile.  I wanted to live there.  I still want to live there.

I'm not sure what it is about this place but it has a wonderful peacefulness about it.  Perhaps it's because it was born and lived out one life as a church.  Or perhaps it's because it's now owned and occupied by people who love it and care for it as if it were a treasure.  Either way, it is lovely in spirit and appearance.  I think of it like a computer, data in, data out.   Beauty in, beauty out.  

The Place: Josaphat Arts
The Art: Convivium33 Gallery: 21st Century Expressions of the Second Sex

We visited here as part of a Hidden Cleveland Tour.  These tours are sponsored by Downtown Cleveland Alliance. Also on this tour, Trinity Lutheran Church, Chapel at St. Vincent Medical and Cleveland Masonic Performing Arts Center.

To see more pictures go here.

One more thing, one of the artists exhibiting is an incredible photographer Garie Waltzer, who lives in Cleveland.  She's amazing, check her out! 

Photographs projected on vintage linens.  This was such a lovely installation.  The photo does not do it justice.

Doors found at a Paris flea market.

Angels are original to the building and are everywhere keeping watch.

Notice the angels lining the hall above the columns.

The stained glass windows were removed and given to another church but
remaining frosted glass adds a nice soft filter to the spilling light. 

Clouds above - art below.

Totally Spent


  1. There are some of us always destined to stand just outside the light, be its witness. Not you. You step inside and become the light - and then the light becomes you.

    Your work is beautiful.

    You are beautiful.