Sunday, April 3, 2011


I took this photo last Friday on opening day for the Cleveland Indians.  We know it's spring around here when we start to see the the Goodyear Blimp trekking up from Akron and hovering around the city.  This is a scene I've been wanting to capture for a while.  I just never took the time to stop.  I always seem to be speeding by to get somewhere.  When I saw the blimp waiting there for me I just had to stop.

This photo is part of a set I've been working on for a couple of years.  It's a tribute to Cleveland.  A series of 'postcards and letters' to my adopted hometown.  Often I view this city with a vintage eye.  I imagine it as it once was.   Perhaps it's because I'm on a mission to romanticize the world around me.   Or perhaps it's me putting lipstick on a pig.  Either way, it's what keeps me driving aimlessly through the side streets and places I have no damn business being in.  Sometimes romance can be elusive.   Obviously.

To see the entire set click here.



  1. Romance may be elusive....but your vision sure finds it. Nice blog, my friend. xo


  2. Thank you, Lucia. You are so kind to visit.