Thursday, June 2, 2011

Italy | Day 1 | The key to a happy journey is enjoying the ride.

Gorgeous place - nine people - nine cameras (more if you count cell phones)...  How the heck were we ever going to look through everyone's pictures in a manageable amount of time?  Every few steps there were new vistas and oddities.  Geez louise!

OK, so, we needed a plan.

Editing photos is always a great challenge for any photographer.  How do you take a massive number of photos and whittle it down to a condensed set of images that puts the event or location in context without boring your audience into a deep sleep?  Lets be honest, even when the photos are spectacular we start to drift after the 9th, 16th, 20th shot of nirvana.  Snore.  Editing is a fine tool everyone should have in their camera bag.  Less is more. But don't get too skimpy 'cuz we want some meat.  Tell us a story.  (A short story.)  Show us the amazing view. (Once, not 100 times.)

Anyway, it all sounds good until someone puts an [editing] eye out.

In my infinite wisdom (not!) I suggested we all select our 20 favorite images and assemble them in one set of photos that represents our trip as a tight-knit mobile unit of travelers.  Sounds reasonable and even slick.  OK, so lets do the math.  I was on vacation for 10 days.  Roughly speaking that's 2 pictures a day.  Two pictures a day? You're kidding me right?  Whose idea was this?  I took 20 pictures every day before I brushed my teeth in the morning!

Lets just say I suck at editing.  Suck. Suck. Suck.

So, today I begin.  Here are the 2 shots I chose to represent day 1 of the trip.  This day was spent traveling from Cleveland to DC to Rome Italy.  Once in Rome we trained to Naples where we met our driver who took us to Positano via the amazing Amalfi coast.   It's hard to put it all into words but imagine staring into positively pristine beauty as you hang precariously from the edge of shear cliff.   Am I horrified, am I mesmerized?  Clearly I was mesmerfied.

For those suffering from insomnia and requiring a sleep aide: Italy | Day 1

(Oh, come on, you knew I couldn't show you just 2 pictures! LOL!)


Hotel - Positano

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