Saturday, June 4, 2011

Italy | Day 3 | Behind every cloud is another cloud. -J. Garland

The clouds prevailed into Day 3 of  our trip but they make a nice backdrop for photos.  Romantic no?

It's quite hard selecting 2 photos for Day 3 because it was one of my favorite days of the trip and one of my favorite photo days too.  First, we visited the amazing ruins of Pompeii.  And even though I've been there before I am always astounded by what I see.  Everything has been preserved so well that you truly get a sense for how the Pompeians lived at that time.  This sophisticated  ancient city is pleasing organizationally as well as aesthetically. Pompeiian red is now my new favorite color and I would like a hole in my roof to allow rain water to fall elegantly into a cistern/pool in my foyer for cooking, bathing and general splashing around.  No, not really.  I don't even have a foyer.

And then, we whiled away the afternoon tasting wines and eating homemade delicacies at Sorrentino Winery. This family owned vineyard has a spectacular view of Pompeii, the Mediterranean and the Isle of Capri. I'm not sure what filled me up more the food or the view.  This place does a body and a soul good, even if it is in the shadow of touchy Mt Vesuvius.   Actually, the Vesuvian volcanic ash is said to be the secret to their rich soil and, ultimately, their award winning wines.  We were schmoozed relentlessly by our host and his family (thanks to our "angelic blonde goddess").   And we ate it (and drank it) up!

Oh yeah, we tasted 8 wines! Clouds?  What clouds?

For more of this day of Pompeiian adventure: Italy | Day 3

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