Thursday, June 9, 2011

Italy | Day 4 | It was our night.

It was our night.

Rob, what was your favorite part of the trip so far?

Dinner at Mediterraneo


Because it was our night.

And he was right.  It was our night.

We were making our way up the only street in town.  It was steep with hairpin turns and overlooked the sea and villas hugging the mountainside.  The road is one way and if you miss your stop you literally have to continue through the entire town and then loop back around.  There's no turning around.  It's one way in and one way out.  

As we reached the top of one particular hill a little black car zipped around the corner and there they were, the final three to complete our group.  Up until then we had been 6.  Grinning widely and arriving from Florence within minutes of our dinner reservations.  They were still flying high from dusty-road vineyard tours and endless breathtaking cathedrals.  

Sure there was singing and lively conversation and tambourines and a song where we each pretended to be a different instrument (no, really!  pe re pe re!) but the beauty of the evening was we were all there in this sweet restaurant on the side of a mountain in Italy singing like trombones and trumpets!  The circle was complete.  The restaurant and the night was ours.

The above photo is "Team Italy".  Well, minus the guy on the far right.  He was playing the guitar and singing at the restaurant.  I suspect he would have joined us though.    

The daytime was spent ferry-ing to Amalfi where we explored the Amalfi Cathedral and the city's history of paper making at Museo della Carta.  My 2 photos for the day...  

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Amalfi Cathedral

Mar and P "hanging out" in Positano.

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