Saturday, June 25, 2011

Italy | Day 5 | Vietri sul Mare

On day 5 of our trip we traveled south on the coast.  We visited the ancient ruins of Paestum and a buffalo mozzarella farm where the buffalo lived in a true 'cow palace' equipped with personal  'cow wash' and 'scratching machine'.  Lets just say those buffalo were doing ok.  They were all named too.  Though I didn't meet any of them directly.  They tend to be prima donnas.

But the cherry on the top for me was visiting Vietri sul Mare.  It is the epicenter for pottery making  in the Campania region (polychrome ceramics actually - since Medieval times) and is the southern most point of the Amalfi Coast otherwise known as the first of the '13 pearls' or cities.

I'm not aware of a direct family connection but when you have the same last name as a town in Italy you have to visit there!  It just goes without saying.  It just has to be on your bucket list.  I've been told my father's family came from the Naples area which is 90 miles or so north of Vietri so it's possible, no probable, there is a connection.   Families often took the name of their home village when emigrating so one never knows and, if nothing else, it's nice to think about.

My 2 photos for the day are of Vietri of course but if you'd like to see more go here to Italy | Day 5 where ruins and buffalo abound.

Signing off, Vietri on the sea...

The mural in the background is hand painted ceramic tile of the towns history.  
And these two guys, well, they're in charge of course! :)

The Gulf of Salerno and my favorite window in all of Italy!

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