Monday, June 20, 2011

Straight as a Blue Arrow

I spent a couple of quality hours in a great neighborhood with a great friend over the weekend.  This is the kind of neighborhood where you can see a great concert, shop for a polyester leisure suit and still buy albums.  Yeah, like, the vinyl kind.   The neighborhood is experiencing an art renaissance but in reality it's a working class neighborhood where many families were raised, a dollar was earned the hard way and a sordid past still fascinates movie goers today.

This is a small tribute to a great record store in the Waterloo neighborhood, Blue Arrow Records.  The super cool floor is tiled with vintage album covers.  And not only do they sell really sweet nostalgia, the back room is ground zero for the Waterloo Alley Cat Project where they try to feed and neuter a growing feral cat community in the area.   Music saves. 

Also, this weekend is the Waterloo Arts Festival.  Check it out, even if you don't have a turn table any more.   And drop a few coins in the collection box for the kitties. 

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