Friday, July 1, 2011

Italy | Day 6 | The art of maneuvering and negotiation.

Day 6 in Italy was a day of people watching.  Which just so happens to be my favorite non-contact sport.  Think about it, you can do it from anywhere and it doesn't require special equipment or skill.  And people are just doggone funny-craazy-strange-scary-pretty, etc.    

This is my friend Dale.  On this day he drove us back to the town of Amalfi.  A couple of days earlier we had taken the ferry there but I felt it was worthy of a return trip with the guys.  This time Dale drove us back along the cliff-side rode in his zippy little black rental.  And let me just state for the record, he did a phenomenal job!  The drive is highly challenging and there were times we were wedged into hairpin turns with a tour bus, 3 scooters and and a man with a vegetable cart.  So, a simple drive along the coast becomes the art of maneuvering and negotiation.  And he executed beautifully and all with a standard transmission.  Killer driving skills.   My job was to not vomit which I came close to doing the day before in the van.  Check! 

We gawked at amazing views, shopped for leather sandals and dodged groups of school children.  Another picture perfect day on the Amalfi Coast... More here.   

My 2 pictures for the day:

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