Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Italy | Day 7 | Humbled

Day 7 in Italy was my birthday.   I've sat here for a while (days actually) trying to come up with something clever to say and to express appreciation but I am at a loss.  I just feel very blessed to have a great group of friends who were able to elevate a incredible trip into the stratosphere.   I am humbled by your friendship.

We spent the day cruising to and touring the Isle of Capri.  The views could (and did) make a grown woman cry.   The evening was spent celebrating at the best restaurant in town, sipping champagne and smiling. More photos here.

I'm coming to a close on these Italy posts.  It's sad in some respects but at the same time it's good to move on to new things.  Yesterday I had an opportunity to shoot an Arabic engagement party combined with a 50th wedding anniversary of the bride's parents.  One of the most beautiful events I've ever seen.  Pictures coming soon.  Enjoy your week.

My 2 Photos for the day:

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