Saturday, July 23, 2011

Italy | Day 9 | Day 10 | Finito

On Day 9 we left the Amalfi Coast for Rome where we would begin our journey back home.  It was difficult leaving Compania but we looked ahead to exploring Rome by night.  I got up early and wandered Positano at dawn with my camera.  The light was kind as I grabbed a few final glimpses of this lovely seaside town.

We finished the day in Rome lamenting the "city" food and abandoning our organized tour for jewel colored street scenes and mild chaos.   We managed to take in iconic Rome (quickly) with it's varied ruins and coliseum in a site seeing binge.  When you're there you just can't imagine not tasting everything.   So, dawn was for Positano and dusk was for Rome.   Italy perfectly bookended.

This photo, my favorite for the day and possibly for the entire trip, was taken in Rome.  I had a hard time pairing it with another photo, it speaks independently.  It's the scale of the massive iron work.  It's the geometry.  It's the overexposure.  It's his hand on hers.  It's her face.  It's Italy.

More of Day 9 here.


Day 10 was a travel day, early flight and back home.  There are few photos from that day understandably but it bears mentioning.  It's that point in the trip when the past week becomes a delicious memory and the airplane food pokes holes in your bucolic vacation bubble.  And the only thing that helps you through the transition from there to here is your new leather sandals and a bloody mary to ease the departure turbulence.  But just as you break through the clouds you remember you're going home.  The only place better than vacation.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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