Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Powerful Shot to the Soul

Photo by Dick Beery

It was halfway through the evening and my friend Kris proceeded to tell me my name was on the billboard.  My name is on the what?  The billboard.  The what?  The billboard!

I had no idea. Even now it seems impossible.  But there it was.

Actually, that pretty much sums up the entire evening and the weeks leading up to this night.  I really couldn't have imagined or hoped for such a perfect party.  I was surrounded by friends (I love you all!) and met incredible new people.  We talked about my photographs, drank wine, ate mini cupcakes and listened to music in the courtyard on a perfect summer evening.  Everyone should have at least one of these nights in their lifetime.  It's a powerful shot to the soul.

It's true what they say.  Others can dream a bigger dream for you then you can dream for yourself.  And when those same people can make the dream come true for you, you know you're in stellar company.

A very special thank you to Thomas Mulready of Cool Cleveland and Paul Sykes of the Beck Cafe for making it all possible.

To see more Cool Cleveland photos click here.

With Thomas Mulready of Cool Cleveland

Pre-show Beck Cafe via my iPhone 4

With Beck Cafe owner & art dealer Paul Sykes, Beck Center executive director Cindy Einhouse, 
Beck Center director of marketing and external affairs Kathleen Caffrey

Flowers from my dear friends Betsy & Michele in Boston.

Pre-show Beck Cafe via my iPhone 4

With my sister-friend Kris P.
Photo by Joe P (?)


  1. I meant to congratulate you earlier, but this is a good opportunity for it. What a wonderful thing! I'm so happy for you!


  2. Thank you, Nancy! It's never too late for for congratulations. You're right on time as far as I'm concerned. :)

  3. Yay for you, Elisa! Again, it was a great night. Can't wait to meet up with you again sometime for photography or even just a chat.

  4. Thanks, Pat! I am so grateful that you could be there! Thanks again for your support!

  5. It was a lovely night, I'm so glad I made the trip... your name should be in lights every night! Bravissima!

  6. I'm so glad you made it too, Kim! It meant a lot to me that you came. Thanks for all your support and encouragement! Have you submitted any writing yet??