Thursday, September 22, 2011

Elegant Behemoth

I've been fascinated with Lincoln Electric's Wind Tower since it first appeared on the horizon just East of Cleveland and slightly south of Lake Erie.  It's hard to sense how large she is from the photos, which is probably why they created the chart below.  Watching the video of the tower being transported and built really helps put it in perspective but not until I saw the video of the blades traveling from the Port of Cleveland through the city streets did it hit me.

You see, the blades, manufactured in Europe, traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and all the way to Cleveland via ship.  Yep, on a boat.  Each blade is approximately164 feet long and, once assembled, can spin up to 165 mph. When the tower was being assembled men were standing in the hub.  Standing.  Inside.  The hub.  But until you are at her base paying homage you don't get the true sense of her massiveness. She is an elegant behemoth. Sleek and masterfully designed.   I like the way she stands and what she stands for.  I like that her majesty is not just measured in her size alone but in her usefulness.  It seems so obvious to me.  It seems so damn simple.  Or perhaps I'm just distracted by her curves and her complete silence.    She's a whisper and a promise of what lies on the horizon. 
"In June 2011, Lincoln Electric erected a wind tower measuring 443 feet tall at its world headquarters and manufacturing campus in Cleveland, Ohio. This installation is the largest known urban wind tower in North America, and is capable of producing 2.5-megawatts of electrical energy, or approximately 10 percent of the requirements for Lincoln Electric’s main Cleveland manufacturing facility." 


  1. I was just thinking today as I drove home from work that I want to take more photos of that. I call it God's pinwheel. I read somewhere that this windmill has a braking device so that it doesn't spin out of control and fling its wings everywhere.

    A couple weeks ago, it looked like it was spinning BACKWARD. Thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. But actually it had been turned around and was catching the wind from the opposite direction.

  2. Pat, I think there are going to be lots of opportunities to shoot this beauty. Every time she turns or the sky changes there's a new picture! Interesting about it looking like it's was turning backwards... That could really throw you!

  3. This is so cool... I love that our city is willing to be innovative. We're on the national cutting edge of wind turbines. It's exciting.

  4. Kim, I agree! Super cool stuff right here at home. :)