Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lucky Stars

Mohawk River, Lock 10, Cranesville, NY

Last weekend I was home visiting my family in Johnstown, NY.  Yes, that's NY, not PA.  Johnstown, PA, is known for the big flood and, well, I guess the 2 towns now have something more in common than just their name.

Actually, Johnstown was spared major flooding but there was damage from downed trees and high winds.  Not too far away in the Mohawk Valley, and throughout the Capital District, Tropical Storm Irene caused dramatic flood damage.  It was sobering to see the destruction.  You think that you can empathize when you see it on TV or in print but to see it in person really startles you into understanding how devastating a flood can be.

These photos are primarily of Cranesville Lock #10 outside of Amsterdam, NY.  This is only one small example of the damage in the area.  A half hour after my parents and I left the area a Tornado touched down in this same exact spot.  And now, we're thanking our lucky stars.

To see more photos of clean-up efforts in the region go to Celtic Moon Photography's Facebook page.  I bumped into him shooting at Lock 10.   There is also a plan for a relief benefit, go here for more information.

Tropical Storm Irene Damage - Cranesville Lock #10

One of the lock buildings laying on it's side in a newly carved ravine.   
This view is from Route 5S. 
View from Route 5.  Debris being removed by barge. 
Note the mangled ironwork along the lock.
Keep in mind the water had receded and much of the debris already removed. 
Note the building on the far side of the river behind the white lock building. This building would be seriously
damaged  in a tornado a half an hour later. 
Tree trunks and large debris caught in the lock. 

Tornado Damage - Cushing Stone Company

The next day, tornado damage.  Cushing Stone Company.   

 Tropical Storm Irene Damage - Guy Park Manor 
click here for NY Times article

Historic Guy Park Manor, Amsterdam, NY - State Historic Site. 1773 stone house on Lock 11 on the canal. 

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