Monday, November 21, 2011

Friend Effect

The reception was winding down and I was standing with some friends that came to see my photos in the Art Effect exhibit. A woman turned to me and said, "Are all these people here for you?"  It made me stop and realize that, yeah, they were here for me. I'm a lucky girl!  Sharing this kind of event with people you love is pretty amazing and rewarding.  Many thanks to all my friends for their support.  You're not all represented in the photo above but I know who you are and where to find you!  xo

I'm thrilled to be part of this exhibit with such talented artists!   A very special thank you to the Beachwood Arts Council for sponsoring the show and providing such a lovely venue to display our work.

The show is up until 12/3, if you have the opportunity, please stop by and visit.

I've posted a few photos below.  More Photos of the exhibit:

Susan Woldman Elfer
Natasha Turovsky
Betty Skufka

Beachwood Patch
Cleveland Plane Dealer Article

Thursday, November 17, 2011

CC's Very First Birthday

If you wait, people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view. ~ Steve McCurry

My little friend CC turned 1 recently and I got to be there capturing every sweet and sticky moment. She's such a delectable little girl, pure joy to be around.  Her best gift, being surrounded by a huge group of friends and family that love her.  No gift receipt required.  Here's to the beginning of many years of sweetness!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

shoot. write. fly.

I recently participated in an online photography and writing class called The Photo Essay Project hosted by 'creative maven' Bindu Wiles.  The idea was to expand your photography and writing chops by completing weekly assignments using new creative techniques and technology.  The goal was simple, broaden you artistic perspective by sharing your day to day lives and using your iPhone.  That's right, just your iPhone.  Every picture taken and every word written was done on your phone.  And then we created an online community and shared our work, all on the phone, all in near-realtime, all with 2 thumbs essentially.  It's so freeing to leave behind the big camera and not have to wrestle with the exhausting editing software.  (Stupid Photoshop!)  To me it's the difference between running and flying.  I thought I'd give flying a try.

Below are some of my favorites from the 5 week course.  The subject matter is eclectic but in an interesting way they relate.  I didn't see it until I created this post but it's there.  A delicate thread of association and familiarity.


into the sun.

for sun kissed corn.

I used to wonder if I fit in. Now I’m happy that I don’t. Now I just find the stillness in my uniqueness and I sit in it. I wallow. I loll. I muck around. I’m still. 

head in the clouds.

Today I noticed the cutting board was in the refrigerator. When did I put it there? Why did I put it there? And most strangely, why did I leave it there? 


the straight and narrow.

I've never been a fan of death. I hate goodbyes. I hate them when they're short or long. I especially hate them when they're permanent. But the traditions of funerals and cemeteries radically force you into a place of reflection. The good, the bad and the ugly. Then you must make peace with the ashes before you and with yourself. It's best if the autumn sunshine is in your face and resting on your bent shoulders. It can resurrect you peacefully.


Memories of you bead up on me. I have no shelter from your weather. Time heals nothing. And time can not protect against inclement clouds of hope.

She sat quietly in a chair. The sun sliced through the aluminum blinds and across her memories. Dust motes orbited as she wished for the time when the lost space in her heart would be reclaimed. She imagined the chunk of her heart he took would be found. Then she could piece together her future. 

you’re like helium to my deflated heart.

A prayer.
May each of your days begin and end with a colorful, beautifully lit path. Each step should be vibrant. Each ending an indelible footprint on your ruby heart. Always journey in technicolor. Choose life’s saturation. Let it mature you into a brilliant flaming hue. And then, rest.

foggy commute.

starting my life over each morning. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Crawl

A group of friends out for a Halloween pub crawl in the Tremont neighborhood.  It was the Age of Aquarius.  It was witches and brides and just about every other seasonal cliche you can name.  Mostly it was just friends out having a laugh and a dance to shed the weight of the world.  It was a moment in our lives when rose colored glasses are not only acceptable but expected.