Monday, March 19, 2012

Orchid Mania: This Side of Paradise

It's hard to believe a year has gone by since last years Orchid Mania: Purple Rain at the Cleveland Botanical Garden.  It's true what they say about time seeming to accelerate as we get older.  At times it seems likes it's whooshing by and no amount of effort on our part can slow it down.  The orchids always seem to get me to slow down just a bit, at least long enough to snap a few shots and admire their  vibrant display.  This show is always a treat for photographers so get there if you can, the show ends 3/25/12.   

The world of orchids seem to have their own unique language, this is my take-away for this year:
Orchidelirium is the name given to the Victorian era of flower madness when collecting and discoveringOrchids reached extraordinarily high levels. Wealthy orchid fanatics of the 19th century sent explorers and collectors to almost every part of the world in search of new varieties of orchids. Orchidelirium is seen as similar to Dutch tulip mania. Today there still exists some levels of orchid madness, that has some times resulted in theft of exceptional orchids among collectors such as the Ghost Orchid.
Last years word was Orangery.

Go here to see more photos:

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