Monday, April 2, 2012

Certain Muted Beauty

Severance Hall - Home of the Cleveland Orchestra

The petals were piling up like snow around University Circle on this gray and misty morning.  It was peaceful and pretty in vintage pinks and greens.  The haze and mist added a fine filter to soften any sharp edges and the entire neighborhood looked washed in faded watercolors.

I was alone in the early morning except for a man sitting with his eyes closed in an obvious state of prayer and a lone Muscovy Duck that followed me as I walked around Wade Pond (Lagoon).  Later a policeman on his rounds explained the duck had lived on the pond alone for 2 years and was used to being fed by visitors and the patrolmen. Which explained why he was following me and why he had that little disappointed look on his beak.

This is my favorite place in the springtime, catch it while the blossoms are falling and while mother nature has her winter/fall identity crisis.  Uncertain weather makes for certain muted beauty.

Go here to see the full set:

University Circle United Methodist

Muscovy Duck - 2 year resident of Wade Pond
Wade Pond 

Cleveland Museum of Art
This has always been my favorite view.  I love the trees lined up in a row standing at attention. 

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