Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grand Circle Tour | Day 1 | Vegas a Visual Delight

Summer is upon us and we're all scramblin' here in the Midwest to enjoy every ounce of sunshine and warmth. We have to pack in all our shorts-weather-activities in a condensed period of time.  Plus I started a new 'day' job 2 weeks ago, which requires extra focus and brain cells.  And so much computer time.  Too much computer time. So, that's my way of saying, I've been busy doing other stuff and not editing my vacation pictures.  There you have it.  My first excuse(s) of the day.

Day 1 of vacation was spent in Las Vegas, we flew in and out of there.  It was my first trip to Vegas.  Yeah, it's even hard for me to believe.  I'm not a gambler, though I did spend $20 worth of slot machine time.  And I'll never get the money or the time back but it was fun, and an integral part of the experience.  More memorable for me was the incredible architecture, stage sets and atmospheric extravaganzas.  So much effort and money expended to make you feel like you're not where you are.  Impressive and overwhelming.  And done well.  I appreciate you, Vegas.  You're a visual delight.

More pictures here: Las Vegas

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