Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vegan Food Swap

I've just returned from a very special vacation in the southwest visiting several national parks and I'll have a lot to share with you soon.  But before I get to that I have a bit of house keeping to take care of.

I recently joined a Vegan Food Swap organized by fellow Ohioan Cat at The Verdant Life.  She has a lovely blog and I thought it just sounded like a fun idea and great way to shake things up just a tiny bit.  I was the "lucky recipient" of Celeste's gift box.  Celeste has a sweet and informative blog called Growing Up Veg.  Her package arrived promptly on schedule and at a moment when I happened to be VERY hungry.  I had to force myself to take a few pictures before I dove into the goodies.  I immediately opened the Bean & Rice chips and enjoyed them thoroughly throughout the day.  They were delicious!  I was particularly excited about the eclecticism of the package she put together for me.  I love variety and she really delivered!  I've worked my way through the kale chips, sour worms, and hazelnut butter (my favorite so far).  All were very enjoyable.  I look forward to the instant dosa mix (an Indian pancake made with rice and black beans) and bee free honey (made with apples!).  I highly recommend the food swap to others looking for a bit of a food surprise.  A very big thanks to Celeste and Cat for tons of fun in a box!

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