Monday, July 30, 2012

Emerald Pools

Waaay back in May of this year I took a vacation.  These are photos of day 2 of that vacation.  Yes, I am behind and hope to have all the pictures reviewed and edited by my vacation next year.  Oy.  Most of these shots are of an early morning hike in Zion National Park on the Emerald Pools trail.  The photos simply do not do the place justice.  

Find more photos here: Zion National Park

Monday, July 16, 2012

Christina & Jason Keeping It Cool

On June 30, 2012 Christina and Jason got married.  The rain had evaporated and the day turned bright and steamy.  Which probably sounds good on paper but it makes it challenging to stay cool, especially when you're wearing layers of taffeta or a bow tie.  It only took a few minutes in Christina and Jason's presence to see they were in love and best friends.  And despite the heat of the day and the stress of coordinating their big event, they remained cool.  They met on the bridge for their nuptials, laughing at the tiny slips-ups, holding on to one another seeking the focus they needed to finish.   When it was done they moved easily through their guests chatting and smiling.  And by the end of the night they couldn't be convinced to leave the dance floor and the circle of friends and family that surrounded them.  It was a beautiful beginning to what will obviously be an incredible life together. Best wishes for an incredible future!  Wherever your journey takes you, may you always stay cool. 


Monday, July 9, 2012

Vegan Food Swap (deux)


Hi!  This is month 2 of the Vegan Food Swap organized by Cat over at The Verdant Life blog.  My package this month came from Bethany at Vegan On the Fence and what a treat it was.  I say 'was' because it's gone. Actually, it was gone almost immediately after taking a few pictures.  These goody packages always seem to come when I'm hungry.  Or maybe I'm just hungry all the time.

Anyway, I enjoyed all the treats but I was most fond of the 'Rawmesan', a parmesan cheese substitute, and the dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  Both very delicious!  And both items I would purchase again.  I can't say there was anything I didn't enjoy.  Which was obvious from the wrappers flying in the air!

None of the items were as sweet as Bethany's note though!  She's a doll!  Check out her blog if you get a chance.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks in the Storm

We were sitting on our blanket neatly lined up and pointing in the direction of the impending fireworks.  We knew the storm was coming and we knew it was due to hit at the same time as the fireworks but we didn't care.  Or at least we didn't care until it started raining big fat drops on our heads.  We were surrounded by teenagers who ran screaming in highly over exaggerated panic and attempt to find cover.  It became a complex visual and auditory event.  All senses were at attention.

It seemed the show was being accelerated in hopes of beating the storm and it felt like it was finale after finale after finale.  We eventually ran for a nearby tree but we didn't leave.  It was glorious and ridiculously fun to be soaked to the underwear and still catching pictures of the fireworks through the rain drops.  It was a celebratory childlike moment that didn't last nearly long enough.

The above picture was just before the storm hit.  You can see the clouds swirling around.  The picture below was me picking up the camera and the tripod and heading for the tree, still taking slightly shaky shots.  The rest of the picks were from our spot under the tree.