Friday, August 17, 2012

"Hoodoo" you love?

This is Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah) in all it's glory.  We spent Day 3 of our May vacation at Bryce ogling the scenery.  Most of these images are from an early morning visit to (lamely) capture the sunrise.

This is one of those places where you wonder if you're still in the same country or if you've been transported to a new country or even a different planet.  It's lovely and odd and majestic.  The mystical rock formations called "hoodoos" are so unique that they really give you pause.  Is this God's hand or from alien sources?  Who's finger prints are left on this peeled and crumbled crust?  And in that moment you are again reminded that there's something greater than you carving the landscape before you.  And there is no doubt it is not finished.  The process is on going.   It's "evergreen".  This place and the world around us is being molded and shaped continuously and riotously as we sit surfing the web or watching a movie.  It's greater than us.

And oh, the light.  The lovely, lovely light... [swoon]

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