Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Watch Cleveland

Just a few "pre-Sandy" images from yesterday of Lake Erie where it meets the Shoreway (I90) just east of Cleveland.   Fifty mph winds are expected for the Great Lakes in the next couple of days.  The building is the FirstEnergy E. 72nd St power plant.

My thoughts are with my friends and family on the East Coast.  Please take care.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dropped off the face of the earth.

For years I've wanted to visit the top of the iconic Terminal Tower in downtown Cleveland.  This building is a prominent jewel in Cleveland's skyline and to me, it holds a certain mysterious beauty that is difficult to put into words. I've admired her from afar but this was an opportunity to see her perspective and how she views the world.

Our group was led to the 44th floor roof which is a few floors above the observation deck and provides a unique viewpoint not offered to the general public.  From here we witnessed the sunset and moonrise on an absolutely gorgeous early fall evening.  The view was mesmerizing in it's flat vastness.

As the night darkened and Northeast Ohio came alive with it's myriad of twinkling lights it was easy to see the magic and feel the vibration of those that imagined this building into existence so long ago.  And it was clear why it retains it's magnetic draw today.  It's the pull of the horizon as it's dusted by reflected evening light and as it slowly drops you off the face of the earth.  You go. Gladly.    

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