Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Angels on High - St Paschal Baylon

Merry Christmas! Take a moment and admired the Christmas decorations at St Paschal Baylon Catholic Church. My dear friend Kris is part of the Arts and Environment team that designs, builds and installs their lavish holiday decor. The angels were her idea and executed triumphetly by her and her small team of elves (wink-wink). They float above the chuch in praise and worship, encircling the parishioners and the manger where the Christ child will lay this morning. The angels are glorious and pure magic. The A&E team should be proud of this lovely display. They've elevated an already special place to the heavens. If you want to feel like Christmas, go there. Well done!

Seeing these 25 angels makes me remember 26 other angels today. It was not the intention of this project but it is an unmistakable reminder of their sweet presence wafting to the heavens.

I wish you peace this holiday season.

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