Friday, December 21, 2012

Pink Martini in Cleveland

This week, thanks to the generosity of friends and the fortune of living in a great place, I got to enjoy my first Pink Martini concert from the 3rd row of the bedazzled and iconic, Severance Hall. The concert was joyful from the moment it began to the last note played. Expertly accompanied by The Cleveland Orchestra, this "little orchestra" delivered cool tunes that celebrated the holidays and highlighted their incredible talents. They are diverse and worldly in their music choices which creates a magical patchwork of a concert. China Forbes effortlessly spun a web that captured the attention of the packed house. Every note to perfection and captivating. Every note sung to me, or at least I'd to think so.  Also performing, Ari Shapiro. Yes, that Ari, National Public Radio's White House correspondent. He was incredible!  His voice is warm and smooth and he performed seamlessly. He's a true crooner. And a heart throb. A night to be remembered and treasured.

Here are a few of my iPhone photos from the concert. And if  you scroll down a bit you see a video of China and Pink Martini singing Auld Lang Syne. There is also a wonderful clarinet performance by 95 year old conductor Norman Leydon, who also joined the bad for the evening.

China Forbes

Ari Shapiro

Pink Martini

Norman Leydon

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