Friday, March 15, 2013

Cleveland Steelyards Don't Blow Smoke

To me, the Cleveland steelyards are as intricately fascinating as an expansive natural landscape like the Grand Canyon or the striking New York City skyline. I am captivated by the incredible layering of detail and the tangled web of man-made complexity. Most all of it is useful and serving a purpose. Typically this part of Cleveland is not one you linger in. You sort of speed through to get to where you're going or, more commonly, people avoid this area all together. It's not a view for everyone. The steelyards don't blow smoke. They are beautifully raw in their honesty and reality. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Confetti of Winter

I stood still letting the sound of my boot crunches echo off to where they came from. It was Sunday morning and other than the tingle in my ungloved hands there was nothing stirring. My ears were simultaneously warming and cooling under my wool cap. Frost bite, I thought. I closed my eyes and rocked back and forth gently then with a decided rhythm. Was this that thing that happens when you close your eyes too long, you know that thing that makes your body move when your mind is standing still?  This was self-imposed vertigo. I embraced it and shook and shook and shook until the entire world exploded into a confetti of winter.  

More images here: Winter

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cleveland Public Auditorium - A Perfect Confection

Public Auditorium in Cleveland was opened in 1922. It's been built in the Neoclassical style and stands on the Cleveland Mall as part of the "grand plan" group of buildings in similar design. It has a long history of impressive performers and visitors, including the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, to name a couple. It underwent restoration in 2010 and will continue it's life next to and incorporated with the new convention center currently being built. 

The architectural details are intricate and at times difficult to fully absorb. Like a sugary, over decorated birthday cake it makes you stop wide-eyed and think, all for me? And then your teeth start to hurt just thinking about taking a bite. But we wouldn't want it any other way. We want the corner piece with a big fat rose. No one ever says "go easy on the frosting". Well, no one I know. This building serves up it's period confections perfectly. You'll want to run a finger through it. 

One of the coolest part of this space is it's amazing murals that circle the main auditorium. Too see some images you can go here: Cleveland Public Auditorium   

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Is Drama

We've slipped briskly into winter from which we may never recover. OK, that may be a little dramatic. Winter is drama to me with all her extremes and inconsistencies. We will recover. We are in the thick of it, but we will recover. The cold seems to steal words from me so here are a few images from my backyard.  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cleveland Photographic Society - A Rising Tide

The Cleveland Photographic Society is an amazing local photography club that just celebrated their 125th anniversary last year! They're a very active group that offers a jam packed calendar of comprehensive classes, competitions and photo adventures. I've taken a few classes from them and have never been disappointed. I'm always pleased with their diverse offerings and organized approach. The coolest thing about them is that they really want to help you get better. They exhibit the philosophy that "a rising tide lifts all boats" and that's rare and just cool. If you are looking for a club or a class in the Cleveland area check them out. 

This past week they offered a studio session with 6 different models and studio lighting setups. It was a perfect opportunity to practice for those who don't have access to studio lights normally.  It's an area I know I need help in so it was an event I couldn't pass up. The models were terrific and the organizers made sure all 50 participants got their chance to give direction and ask questions. Well done as always. I believe they are doing another workshop of this nature in the near future. I would keep an eye on their website if you're interested.

Here are my favorites from the workshop.  And to see the entire set: 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Electric Schenectady

While home in New York State for the holidays I had a opportunity to wander downtown Schenectady after dinner with friends.  I particularly enjoy Jay Street and the bright lights of Proctor's Theater. Schenectady is known for having a rich history including being the location where Thomas Edison started what would become the General Electric Company. I'm fond of electricity overall but I'm also partial to GE because it was there that my Dad worked for many years as a lathe operator. He retired long ago but he talks fondly of his years there and the many friendships he made. I'm also always happy to see the massive GE sign changed to red and green lightbulbs for the holidays. Seeing that sign always brings back great memories for me. This night I only had my iPhone with me so I wasn't able to capture that iconic sign but one day I will.  

The best find during my walk was a store front exhibit of old street lights and light bulbs at the Edison Tech Center, a place "dedicated to sharing the miracle of electricity and engineering". I love electricity and the people who make electricity and the people who are dedicated to sharing electricity. You make my life a brighter and more connected place. 

 The Edison Tech Center

An interesting choice for this window display but it made me smile because of
the tie back to Cleveland.