Saturday, January 5, 2013

Electric Schenectady

While home in New York State for the holidays I had a opportunity to wander downtown Schenectady after dinner with friends.  I particularly enjoy Jay Street and the bright lights of Proctor's Theater. Schenectady is known for having a rich history including being the location where Thomas Edison started what would become the General Electric Company. I'm fond of electricity overall but I'm also partial to GE because it was there that my Dad worked for many years as a lathe operator. He retired long ago but he talks fondly of his years there and the many friendships he made. I'm also always happy to see the massive GE sign changed to red and green lightbulbs for the holidays. Seeing that sign always brings back great memories for me. This night I only had my iPhone with me so I wasn't able to capture that iconic sign but one day I will.  

The best find during my walk was a store front exhibit of old street lights and light bulbs at the Edison Tech Center, a place "dedicated to sharing the miracle of electricity and engineering". I love electricity and the people who make electricity and the people who are dedicated to sharing electricity. You make my life a brighter and more connected place. 

 The Edison Tech Center

An interesting choice for this window display but it made me smile because of
the tie back to Cleveland. 

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